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  • Shipped From The UK
  • PAYPAL Available on All Orders
  • Clever CutterĀ® Features
  • 2-in-1 knife and cutting board
  • Chops & Slices in Seconds
  • Ergonomic grip is easy on hands
  • Premium stainless steel blade
  • Safety latch keeps it closed
  • Easy to clean & Dishwasher safe
  • Mount to any knife block or
  • Store in your kitchen drawer

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Buy Clever Cutter UK Today - Order the amazing clever cutter knife and chopping board directly from our UK warehouse. Buy Clever Cutter UK - in Stock Now!

Everyone enjoy's a good meal, buy nobody loves the cleaning up. WIth the Clever Cutter Knife and Chopping board combo, you can save both time in preparing your food, and also save time on the wash up. The ergonomic design of the clever cutter makes gripping and chopping food easy, and is highly recommended to those wishing to save time in the kitchen cooking, and also those who suffer from poor gripping issues, caused by old age or medical conditions, the clever cutter can offer greater living independence.

The Clever Cutter is now for sale in the UK for the first time, only order a genuine cleaver cutter from ourselves as an official UK distributor, and avoid fakes on ebay and amazon. Clever Cutter knives bought from non verified distributors can have fault latches, blunt knives and poor gripping ability, a combination of all and any of these could cause injury.

The Clever Cutter is available to buy for only Ā£9.99 - The UK offer includes 1 x Clever Cutter Knife in its original boxed retail packaging. All Clever Cutter orders are dispatched within the UK by royal mail delivery - be wary of ordering from fake sellers who post the items from china. Only order the genuine real Clever Cutter to be sure of a quality Finnish and extra sharp cutting blades.

You can now lower your preparation time and still get perfect slices of food with the Clever Cutter, this is the must have product of 2016/17. The clever cutter handheld kitchen tool that makes food preparation an absolute breeze.

The 'As seen on TV' Clever Cutter can quickly and safely slice and chop food for perfectly cut pieces without any mess to clean up in the kitchen. The 2-in-1 knife & cutting board combo features a high quality premium and sharp stainless steel blade and also a portable cutting board type surface for much easier food slicing in any single environment.

From vegetables and fruit to cheese and meat, the Clever Cutter can slight up to 10x faster than your average household kitchen knife. Chop your chicken directly into your salad or add your vegetables straight into a soup with no more annoying transfers from a chopping board or any excess mess making your kitchen untidy. This amazing Clever Cutter opens extra wide for large foods like baguettes, and also has the powerful pressure handles that will auto open for quick and effortless slicing. Make your food preparation easy and fun with the clever cutter uk.

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